The impacts coffee-pods have on the environment and your wallet...


Due to the intensive manufacturing process and the waste left after use, most coffee pods are not environmentally friendly.


The materials used take years to break down, This is bad for the planet because it means that these items are clogging up our landfills and harming our wildlife. 


Inventor [Keurig] even regrets making the machine because of the negative impact on the environment.


Thankfully, there are now eco-friendly alternatives to these products like our coffee drip bags. Our drip coffee bags and the coffee itself is 100% compostable!


Aside from the negative environmental factor coffee pods can also have a negative effect on your wallet. 


We’ve found that the average household with 2 coffee-drinking adults will go through 4 coffee pods per day. Drinking the most popular capsules in the Nespresso range means you’ll spend on average $1328 each year on Nespresso pods. If we factor in the cost of purchasing the machine (depreciated across its life span) and maintaining the machine with regular cleaning and descaling, that figure increases to $1366 every year, or nearly $14k over 10 years!


A monthly BREW subscription will;
- Save you almost half the cost
- Save you time: your coffee is automatically delivered each month
- Reduce your environmental footprint with our compostable packaging 
- Save you money on shipping: We offer free shipping to all Foundation Member Subscribers for your first 12 months. SAVING you over $130 a year in shipping!


So what are you waiting for?

Make the change to drip-bags today…

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