What are Brew drip coffee bags?
Coffee drip bags are sometimes also called parachute bags. They originally came from Japan which is probably why they have such a cool design. The filter on the drip bags is made from a biodegradable starch based material pre-filled with ground coffee and they have two wings that fold out, allowing the drip bag to be mounted on almost any cup. All you have to do is pour water through the filter and you’ve got Great Coffee Made Easy! It’s a genius design that brings together convenience, amazing coffee and sustainability to every coffee experience. 

You were hoping we invented these amazing coffee drip bags too, huh? We wish!

Can I order a sample to try?
You sure can! You can order a sample pack here.

How many grams of coffee is in each bag?
Each bag of coffee is filled with 12 grams of premium speciality grade Australian Organic Certified ground coffee.

How much coffee does each brew drip coffee bag make?
Each brew drip coffee bag has been specifically designed to make the perfect 250ml cuppa, but it depends on your tastes! With each brew drip coffee bag filled with 12 grams of premium speciality grade Australian Organic Certified ground coffee you could make a larger coffee if you wished, no judgement here!

Where is the coffee from? Is it Single Origin coffee?
Our coffee is sourced from multiple coffee plantations in South America and blended to ensure the perfect taste and consistency of flavour.

Our main goals are to offer the most amazing and consistent specialty grade coffee flavour, while also ensuring that all our coffee is sourced from coffee plantations that meet Australian Organic Certified practices, and we’ve done it!

Do you drink Brew drip coffee bag with or without milk?
You do you. It’s completely up to you whether you drink your Brew drip coffee bag with milk or without. We’ve got customers that love it straight without milk, others that swear it’s best with milk and some again that, hand on heart believe the only way to drink brew drip coffee is with almond milk. Some make it cold by allowing ice-cubes to melt slowly through the drip bag, others make it piping hot… BREW is a truly versatile coffee so…
Like we said; you do you!

How long do Brew drip coffee bags stay fresh for?
Each brew drip coffee bag is individually sealed by a process called nitrogen flushing to extend the shelf life and freshness of each brew drip coffee bag by up to 6 months.

The great thing about having each of our brew drip coffee bags individually sealed means that you don’t have to be concerned about how you store your coffee between caffeine hits. 

There isn’t any need to store BREW in an air tight container because each brew drip coffee bag is individually sealed, no need to keep it hidden away from heat, light, moisture or oxygen like you do with big bags of coffee – this is truly one of the great advantages for any coffee snob.  

Can I re-use my Brew coffee drip bag?
Each drip bag makes one 250ml coffee cup but we do have some customer that use one bag to make two cups (500ml). This isn’t what we recommend because it changes the flavour and strength of your coffee.

We do however completely understand that sometimes you’ll be out bush, stuck on a deserted island or on a plane and desperate times call for desperate measures, forcing you to share your coffee drop bag – rest assured there is no judgement here.  

Is it complicated to make a Brew drip coffee bag coffee?
No, not at all, that’s one of the reasons you’ll love your BREW coffee subscription. We call it ‘Great Coffee Made Easy’ for a reason! We've put step by step instructions into the pack so you can make the perfect BREW first time and every time.

Why drip coffee bags? 
The drip coffee bags make the perfect on the go coffee with no mess, no brewing equipment needed and they are fully compostable. Our individually sealed brew drip coffee bags mean that you always have fresh coffee too so if you are on the road exploring, working, hiking, camping, on a picnic, in a covid lock down or at the office these bags will work perfectly for you!
Warning: our coffee is so good that subscribers have been known to become coffee snobs like us, and we’re ok with that.  

Are Brew drip coffee bags compostable?
100% the drip coffee bags make the perfect on the go coffee with no mess and they do not need any brewing equipment. And whilst the outer foil fresh seal needs to be disposed of in normal rubbish, the drip bag (and the coffee itself!) can all be composted safely!

What kind of coffee is in Brew drip coffee bags?
We use specialty grade Australian Organic Certified coffee that we roast and grind ourselves. It is full flavoured with a delicious chocolate and panela sweetness that really make this coffee sing.

Not sure it will make you sing? Get a sample pack here and try for yourself!

Will the flavour of my drip coffee bags change each month? 
No… but maybe a tiny bit.

Our coffee beans are roasted and ground fresh in small batches to ensure the coffee you receive in your coffee subscription each month is the freshest it can be.

This means that while the coffee roasting method has several layers of complexities to it and our roasting process includes the use of cropster roast analysis software, an agtron spectrometer, bean temperature probes, environment temperature probes, a sprinkling of fairy dust knowledge from some of the best coffee roasters in the world and a couple other super secret secrets that we wouldn’t even disclosure to James Bond himself; it does mean that there will be some slight variance in the flavour month to month. But only a full-on coffee-snob will notice!

Shipping and payment FAQs:

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major cards - Amex holders rejoice! Dinners Club holders, if you’re still around – hello and welcome! 

How long will my coffee take to get to me?
Average delivery times are one week, you’ll also be emailed tracking details when your order dispatches.

If you're living somewhere remote where it takes that bit longer for deliveries to get to you – looking at you Rob in rural FNQ - it’s fair to say that your Brew drip coffee subscription may take a little longer each month to arrive. 

The good news is that we do everything within our powers to be as consistent as possible when it comes to dispatching to all our amazing Brew drip coffee subscribers so that you aren’t left without! 

What if I’m not at home or at the office to receive my delivery?
If you'd like to activate authority to leave unattended, please say so in the comment section when you place your order. Otherwise, you can collect from your local post office after an attempted delivery at your convenience.

Do you ship outside of Australia? 
International shipping is something we haven’t mastered. But we’re working on it. 

Subscription FAQs:

When will you send my first delivery?
Subscriptions go out monthly on the anniversary of when you first sign up; after you complete your purchase, we’ll send through a welcome email letting you know when your first delivery will go out (usually one week after to give us enough to time grind you the freshest coffee for your specific Brew drip coffee subscription bag/s). 

Can I skip or pause a Brew delivery?
Yes, just make sure to send us an email before your next payment. 

The easiest way is to log into your account, click into your subscription section, and click skip.

Wait for your page to refresh and you’ll notice there’s now an option to unskip. That means it worked!

But if you hate remembering logins as much as we do, you can just send us an email and ask to skip a month!

How do I update my address?
The easiest way is to log into your account, select Shipping Address, then select Edit Shipping Address Update the fields to reflect the new shipping address and make sure to click Edit Shipping Address at the bottom of the page to save the details.

Not 100% sure it worked and anxious you’ll miss out on that sweet nectar from the gods? Send us an email before your next payment and we’ll triple check your new address is going to be receiving that sweet sweet BREW drip coffee goodness. 

What is a recurring purchase?
A recurring purchase is a repeating order that continues until you choose otherwise. 

Our Brew drip coffee bag subscription is a monthly recurring subscription purchase.

How are Brew subscription payments processed?
When you make your initial purchase, your payment details are held to ensure your recurring payments take place each month via our secure payment portal. It’s pci-compliant and super secure, like fort knox.

How do I change payment details?
Easiest way is to log into your account and make the changes there. 

How do I cancel my subscription?
We know that sometimes (usually after people read the Barefoot Investor) people want to cancel their Brew drip coffee subscription and we’re always sad when this happens. But we know that while the caffeine withdrawal will be hard, if you’re saving for a new home then sacrifices have to be made and sometimes that’s cutting out coffee.
Simply send us an email and let us know you need to cancel your subscription and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also cancel at any time before your renewal date, by logging in to your account.